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Architectural Design I

Thursday Evening 5:30 - 9:50pm Room B-214

Three Rivers

ARC K211-211L

Instructor:   Mark Comeau, (860-215-9415), email

Grading:     Students are graded on various projects throughout the semester in accordance with the following criteria:

          - How well the student identifies the problem;

          - The student’s ability to gather problem solving data & information;

          - The student’s ability to synthesize that data and information;

          - Creative communication of the architectural solution.

Course Objective:

To introduce the Architecture student to the fundamental methodologies of an architect's decision making process.  Students will work individually and in groups, as they apply their studies to the solutions of small “vignettes” or architectural projects that explore form and space design, and ordering systems.  Emphasis in Design I is placed more upon the path of design and the decision making process, than a “polished” solution.


Text:             Architecture: Form, Space & Order, and Design Drawing  by Francis D.K. Ching


                  Download Printable Syllabus


Form        Chapter 2

Unit 1:      Visual Proportions of Form:

                  Shape, Massing, Transforming

                  Text - p. 50.

Unit 2:      Additive Forms:


                  Text - p. 72.

Unit 3:      Articulation of Forms: 


                  Text - p. 94.

Unit 4:      Symbiotics of Form:


                        Text - p. 247.


Form & Space   Chapter 3

Unit 5:      Defining Space: 

                  Horizontal/Vertical Elements

                  Text - p. 114.

Unit 6:      Qualities of Space:


                  Text - p. 175.

Unit 7:      Spatial Relationships:


                  Text - p. 195.

Unit 8:      Spatial Organizations:


                  Text - p. 204.




Required Materials:            ▫ 12" role of cream trace

(along with drafting)           ▫ HB pencils

                                ▫ prismacolor pencils (muted tones of grays, greens, others)

                                ▫ prismacolor markers (muted tones of grays, greens, others)


Use of SketchUp will be utilized (click it to download free!).


Order            Chapter 7

Unit 09:    Ordering Principals:


                  Text - p. 332.

Unit 10:    Ordering Progressions:


                  Text - p. 358.

Unit 11:    Constructing Order:


                  Text - p. 94.


Proportion & Scale   Chapter 6

Unit 12:    Proportion Systems:

                  Applications of the Golden Section

                  Text—p. 300.

Unit 13:    Additional Proportions:

                  Descriptive and Sacred Geometry


Unit 14:    Scale:

                  Horizontal and Vertical Regulating Lines


Unit 15:    Scale:

                  Designing the Registers


Unit 16:    Final Projects

                  To be announced

                  Presentations to Jury